David Lujan

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Focusing on what I’ve termed ‘the painted print,’ large screens are used to print painted pigment through stencils created from drawing made with charcoal or brushed ink on prepared wood panels. Later experiments have consisted of images printed using paper lithography over water color bases, stencilled with simple masking tape. The result can be seen as a a unique multiple, a monotype or as a watercolor painting using the print medium simply as a brush.

When ‘high art’ becomes weary as it is wont to do, I spend time focussing on my graphic novel titled Nerida, about a mermaid trapped on land amidst an ongoing power struggle between waring fairy kingdoms.

I live and work as a handyman in Austin Texas where my wife and I perform under the musical group Born Twins. I also play guitar in the punk band Yard Work



Gallery Black Lagoon

Gallery owner and operations manager at Gallery Black Lagoon


University of Texas

BFA Studio Art

Focus in Printmaking and flat art

University of North Texas


Guitar Studies


Illustration Guitar Carpentry Diesel Mechanic


Graphic Design Illustration Screenprinting, Lithography Script Writing Mural Painting Risograph Printing Guitar Drums Choral Music Piano Bass Musical Engineering Music Producer Music Mastering Diesel Mechanic